«Bulgari PREMIUM»

Premium VODKA
1 Liter


Among brands and manufacturers, vodka “Bulgari PREMIUM” has a special stands out as a special quality taste.
This brand is a high-level strong and pure product. The name “Bulgari PREMIUM” is associated with high status and vivid taste. Vodka “Bulgari PREMIUM” is a novelty on the market.
Each stage of the beverage production is subjected to strict control. Thus, we create a high taste and quality product. The vodka “Bulgari PREMIUM” has a crystal fresh fragrance and authentic taste of natural ingredients. Such a drink on the banquet table is a sign of elite class.
It goes perfectly with European and Russian cuisine, with leaven and pickles, with grilled vegetables. Its unusual taste can be perfectly felt while combined with black bread and bacon.


It is made based on a unique recipe using “Alfa” rectified alcohol, obtained from selected grain varieties. The purity of water, which determines the taste of vodka, is the key to the success of Bulgari PREMIUM. Our specially prepared water has a unique composition. We get it from deep sources, isolated from external factors.


It has a delightful fragrance, crystal radiance and it is produced based on the technology, that gives this product an exceptional quality.


Grain makes the drink hard, strong and at the same time gives it softness and pleasant taste. “Bulgari PREMIUM” has an original bouquet, softness and refined taste.


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