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The history of the wine and cognac factory „Zolotoi Aist” starts in spring 1997. That year, the prospects of its development were outlined: production, bottling and sale of alcohol products of its own production.

Technological Process

The production of cognac is a complex and lengthy process, requiring special varieties of grapes, unique equipment and masters that can precisely observe all technological details.


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Zolotoi Aist

— this is a full-cycle production modern enterprise, starting with the processing of grapes grown on their own plantations and ending with bottling.


Grape growing, Obtaining Juice, Fermentation, Distillation


The aging of cognac spirits lasts at least 30 months. The cognac is placed in oak barrels


Mixing of alcohols of different aging to produce a ready-made drink, Adding other ingredients, Filling in bottles

Only the best equipment


Distillation of wine materials for cognac spirits is made using “Arnold Holstein” Swiss modern equipment.

- Zolotoi Aist

Our Production

Our cognacs are made of high-quality cognac spirits, developed on unique Swiss columns, aged in oak barrels for at least 5 years. Here are just a few of them:



Age – 10 years old

It is made of cognac spirits, obtained from the selected grape varieties Aligote and Uni Blan

«Barza De Aur»

«Barza De Aur»

Age – 5 years old

Has a golden-amber color, a rich and complex bouquet with ethereal-floral tones

«Belii Aist»

«Belii Aist»

Age – 5 years old

It is a successful drink, fascinating with the softness and harmony of the taste tones.

Our partners about us:

Wine and cognac factory „Zolotoi Aist” has gained our trust and respect from the very beginning.
The enterprise delivers the products in time and in accordance with the orders. It always has a stable quality of products.

- Public Corporation «Belbakaleia», Republic of Belarus

Here we found the best prices and highest quality products. Initially, we were attracted by many years of experience and competent policy of the wine-cognac factory “Zolotoi Aist”.

- «Boiar-Grupp» Ltd, Republic of Moldova

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