Our products are exported to 14 countries of the world

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The experience of our high skilled experts allows us to produce a wide range of cognacs that meet world standards, that is why our products are exported to 14 countries of the world.

Republic of Belarus

«BelTamozhService» RUE,
«Klassicheskie Vina» LLC,
«Minsk Kristall» LLC,
«Prodtovary» JSC,
«Tadeum» LLC.


«Asters Group» Ltd,
«Vinfort» LLC,
«Rio» LLC,
«Nikolaev Brandy Factory» LLC,
«Shabo» LLC.

Republic of Moldova

«Romatim» LLC,
«Consalcom» LLC,
SC «Cvin-Com» LLC (Phone/fax 022 77-29-01).

Republic of Azerbaijan


Republic of Kazakhstan

«Talpyn Ltd» LLP.

Republic of Turkey


Republic of Lithuania


Republic of Latvia


Republic of Estonia



«Banemi» LLC.

State of Israel

«Private enterprise of Genady Nudelis».

Federal Republic of Germany

«Pavel Khessine»,
«Monolith Mitte» GmbH.


«PL Brands».

Republic of Iraq

«Fabuluos Ideas CO» LLC.

People's Republic of China

«Guangzhov Yuxin Trade Co».

Republic of Kazakhstan, «Talpyn Ltd» LLP.:

Moldovan enterprise “Zolotoi Aist” LLC is one of the suppliers of the Moldovan brand in the post-Soviet area, in particular: the cognac “Zolotoi Aist”. This manufacturer can demonstrate the values of the goods and promote their as unique and original. “Zolotoi Aist” is well known on the Moldovan market that high-quality products with a constantly increased sales due to a good ratio of the price and the quality of cognac.

Republic of Belarus, «Belbakaleia» JSC:

Wine and cognac factory „Zolotoi Aist” has gained our trust and respect from the very beginning.
The enterprise delivers the products in time and in accordance with the orders. It always has a stable quality of products.

Republic of Moldova, «Romatim» LLC:

Tvardita’s cognacs are widely known on the Moldovan market. The combination of the unique experience of Moldovan winemakers and modern technologies, multiplied by a professional team and excellent raw material plus a wide range of products that meet the tastes of a consumer of any level – that makes this enterprise successful.

Republic of Moldova, «Consalcom» LLC:

We were offered profitable cooperation condition. We received high-quality products and an attractive price that are in-demand on the market. The “Zolotoi Aist” LLC fulfills all its obligations.

Republic of Moldova, «Boiar-Grupp» LLC:

Here we found the best prices and highest quality products. Initially, we were attracted by many years of experience and competent policy of the wine-cognac factory “Zolotoi Aist”.

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