The history of the wine and cognac factory „Zolotoi Aist” starts in spring 1997.

Historical Background

How did it start?

The history of the wine and cognac factory „Zolotoi Aist” starts in spring 1997. That year, the prospects of its development were outlined: production, bottling and sale of alcohol products of its own production. The factory developed at the level of world standards, in compliance with the technologies of European and Moldovan specialists.


Modern equipment was installed in production departments. In 1997 the wine and cognac factory produced the first cognacs “Fluerash”, “Belii Aist” and others, which immediately became popular on the markets of Moldova, Russia and Ukraine.

At the end of 1998, modern equipment for membrane filtration and new equipment for the distillation of wine materials and the production of cognac spirits were installed. This helped us produce our own cognac spirits that meet the requirements of European standards.

Filling System

The factory currently has two filling lines, which can produce up to 35,000 bottles of finished products per shift, using containers of various shapes and capacities. The heart of the enterprise are the cognac spirits distilleries. But the production of cognac spirits is very time-consuming and requires great attention and experience. To obtain quality cognac, white grape varieties are processed, which should not have a specific, strongly pronounced flavor and intense color.

Technological Process

Grapes are processed on 2 production lines. Obtained cognac is stored in stainless steel containers without sulfur dioxide.
Distillation of wine materials for cognac spirits is made using “Arnold Holstein” Swiss modern equipment.

For the right distillation of wine materials, we need to avoid the extraneous (defective) tones, and secondly, to extract from the wine product bouquet materials and a sufficient number of additional materials, in order to get a harmonious and pleasant balance.

Distillation is a very delicate operation, requiring great experience, increased attention of the person who conducts and controls it. This is a kind of art. Specialists who work in the distillery, need to watch the installations day and night. They are good tasters and at the right time they select head and tail fractions, removing unnecessary impurities.

Freshly distilled cognac spirit is a colorless and transparent 70% strength drink, which has a strong delicate flavor.

Cognac Spirits

The production of cognac spirits at the enterprise started in 1998, and it increases every year. So, in 2004, 60 thousand dal of cognac spirit were produced, while in 2005, 80 thousand dal were obtained.

Grape Processing

In 2013, the grape processing plant was modernized. Ten reactors with thermal control of fermentation temperature and automatic program control were installed.


In 2015, two technological platforms were installed for aging and preparing a blend of cognac and leveller of cognac spirits with a total capacity of 270,000 dal.



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