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Wine and cognac factory „Zolotoi Aist” is situated in the South of Moldova

«Zolotoi Aist»

Wine and cognac factory „Zolotoi Aist” is situated in the South of Moldova. The mild climate of this geographical area is good for growing high-quality grapes, which the caring hands of craftsmen use to produce the wonderful Moldovan cognacs.

A complex approach to the choice of the vineyard, of the grape variety and the proper distillation gives advantage and competitiveness to our products. Due to the rich experience of our skilled craftsmen we produce a wide range of cognacs that meet world standards, which are exported to 14 countries.

Why is it so special?

The wine and cognac factory „Zolotoi Aist” is a full-cycle production modern enterprise, from processing of grapes grown on their own plantations to bottling.

Highly qualified specialists, foreign technologies and the modern equipment help us get certified and European standards-based products.

Goals and Tasks

The wine and cognac factory „Zolotoi Aist” doesn’t stop here: we continue improving materials and technologies. Time runs fast and we strive to keep pace with the times. Therefore, we plan to create new brands of elite cognacs, characterized by a soft harmonious taste with tones of aging, exquisite lightness and individuality.

We strive to make our customers feel satisfied with our cooperation and happy that their goals have been achieved.


of the wine and cognac factory „Zolotoi Aist”

Parmakli Gheorghii Ivanovici

Director of the wine and cognac factory „Zolotoi Aist”

He has been running the company since 2016. Within 2003-2016, he was the head of the marketing department.

Under his leadership, the company follows the traditions and at the same time finds new approaches to the production and sale of the “cognac – the liqueur of Gods”.

Phone/FAX: +373 (291) 63-0-73,
eMail: secretar@zolotoiaist.com

Bogdanov Alexandr Ilici

Chief technologist of the wine and cognac factory „Zolotoi Aist”

He has been working as a chief technologist since 2006. For him, producing the cognac is not just a job, but a source of inspiration, where he applies his interesting ideas, finds solutions in creating new flavors, based on knowledge and experience that only high-level specialists have.

Our Awards

The efforts of our specialists have been recognized. It is worth noticing that at the exhibition “Expo VinMoldova-2003”, for the first time, the four-year cognac “Flueras” presented for the tasting contest was awarded with the gold medal of the exhibition, and in 2004, the cognac “Sterh” received a gold medal at the exhibition “Food and drinks-2004”.


MD-7244, 34 Gagarina Street, Tvarditsa, Republic of Moldova

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Phone/FAX: +373(291) 63-073